Want a Powerful Management System with your Data Under your own roof ?

We offer Kiwi car dealerships a fantastic management system software deal - a great stock, web & customer management system, software thats easy to learn and which offers the kiwi car dealer tremendous tools to be successful. With your Data on your Windows computer or Network and not in the CLOUD, you're not exposed to external datacentre failure risks. If your problem is knowing exactly, today, where your stock, sales and costs are, we have a solution you can afford, with your data under your roof.

Our pricing is different - No big upfront License fees, only a small monthly payment for the software licence. Support is charged and paid for as you use it and software updates are client driven, so if any client is prepared to pay for a system change, every other user will get it too.

We offer Dealerships bundled packages where software and web services are provided with straight forward option choices, where we charge for our time and expenses on a pay as you need it basis. Service when you need it at a price you can afford. You have options to include web design & hosting, on demand support and as many IDRIS licenses as you need, with zero upfront license fees. There will still be charges for installation time, travel etc.

Successful Dealerships use IDRIS every day, so effort is optimised in markets where they can compete, with qualified prospects. Why put it off when its so affordable and gives you what you need, now.. We have over 12 years as a proven system and are able to help you in a tough economy as you deal with customers who have many choices. IDRIS is proven as a system used by successful Dealerships - join them.

If you get up every day, get togged up for work, look your best and turn up, Idris will help you succeed in your work, as many hours a day, and days in the week as you want. IDRIS will help you work smarter in your Dealership, we guarantee it.

Why delay or compromise on features and functionality any longer ??

...Get an Idris Powered website for your Kiwi dealership

This is our IDRIS Dealership Software Offer:

  • Fully functional licensed IDRIS - not a Lite, Partial or Crumbs - cut down version - everything IDRIS provides is there.
  • Monthly software fees starting at $45 +GST per month, across the LAN
  • No contracted monthly support fees unless you choose Full service Idris GOLD
  • Installation and Training agreed to and charged on a time and cost onsite or by remote,with hourly charges

Check option pricing here or Call us now on 027 2889822.

Now is the ideal time to move forward with IDRIS - become an informed Dealer manager, you can have up to the minute real-time stock and customer information without taking out another mortgage or pulling your hair out. Knowledge is the basis for successful dealer adaptation in changing economic times. Let us help you adapt.

IDRIS is optimised for Web Uploads to Autobase (who update Trademe Motors), Autotrader or your own website (pricing is designed to reward you for having your website hosted with us) - the tools are there already and nothing more to pay for the built-in uploading tools. Links with Motorweb and Fuel Saver database, prints your CIN forms (Pace, IMVDA, MTA)

Windows XP & Office 2003 Support Ended.

From APRIL 2014 Microsoft ceased to provide updates, hotfixes, security patches etc for XP & Office 2003. see this link:XPwindows end of support
Idris runs nicely on Windows 7. You'll need to switch to keep your systems secure so Call us when you're ready to make the switch, we can help with hardware advice and supply.

Design Review of your Website is Cost-effective

Call us for free initial consult (30mins) with no obligation and advice on how to make your website work smarter for your business Tel 027 2889822

Ready to take a look at IDRIS ?

Click here to view a quick intro to Idris 
or email your details to  support@idris.co.nz
or phone us Tollfree on 027 2889822


Back-ups and Power Protection

Every computer user by now has had an operating system meltdown, virus/malware attack, hardware collapse, fire, flood, quake or burglary. Backing up your files is so easy in IDRIS and is the best way to minimise the pain from these inevitable but unpredictable events. Nothing worse than having that happen and the only backup you have is 6 months old. Its vital that Users plan to back up data files each day.

Let the Idris auto Back-up routine run daily and remember to renew back-up media routinely. Cheap is bad with backups. Modern pen drives are both reliable and affordable. Rotate them offsite daily, take one home at night, bring the other back in the morning and repeat that cycle as a discipline so you've always got a fresh backup at home (offsite) - its that easy and takes a few seconds a day and restoring from yesterday's backup after a computer failure is so much more comfortable than from a really old backup or none at all.

Order 2 x 4gb Adata USB Pen Drives from us for $17.50 incl GST.

Protect your PCs & electronic Equipment now - Winter means power surges that can affect the life of your gear. Why risk it ? Talk to us about a quality power protection unit today from less than $145 incl GST (freight extra) you can silently extend the life of your electronic equipment and have a power backup when the lights go out..

Contacts and Stock Supply

The built in Idris contact management system that gives you powerful tools to locate stock - access the slumbering supply of stock represented in your sold clients from the last 5-10 years. Most of what you've sold, surely, you can profitably trade and sell again ? Its an opportunity to ask your clients if you can help them in any way and maybe they can help you ? If you'd like some training on how this works with Idris, please call us 027 2889822 

Card-based Customer Prompts

Using your Contact lists in Idris we now provide a postcard design and delivery service to powerfully prompt your past clients to visit your yard, call your salesman or click on to your website.

Working with you, we'll tailor campaigns:

  • with specific targets based on budgets you specify
  • with customer reach based on your information
  • that robustly support your email and direct call prospecting
  • that work over time and
  • that are measurable.

This service is cost-effective and offers your business a powerful promotional tool. The most successful car salesman in America sends out 15000 cards EVERY month and has been doing that for 20 years. If you could use Cards in your business and want us to do it for you, please call us 027 2889822